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Community Service Programs

Christmas Unlimited Toys
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Baby Layettes
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Hand Made Hats


Christmas Unlimited: Our signature program serves over 2,500 children each year in Sonoma County. Welfare League Volunteers help parents select new clothing, toys, and books for each of their children.

Scholarships: Awarded in 2023
This year, $80,000 and 52 scholarships were awarded to students at Santa Rosa Junior College Students studying in the medical profession or the trades. Each student received $2,000.00.

Last year, in 2022, $60,000 in scholarships were awarded to students at Santa Rosa Junior College studying in the medical profession or the trades.

Special Projects: Local non-profit agencies receive mini grants to help fund their projects. 
In 2023, 20 agencies received a total of $60,000. 
In 2022, 15 agencies received a total of $45,000.

Clothes Closet:  This program provides new clothing to families sent to us by local service agencies.

Community Services: This service provides clothing and household items from the thrift shop to adults given a voucher by local agencies.

Layettes: Our volunteers purchase clothing, blankets, diapers, and other essential items for newborns that are distributed to local hospitals. 

Mad Hatters: Our volunteers knit hundreds of hats each year to distribute to local schools, agencies, cancer and dialysis centers, and newborns in local hospitals.