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Our Volunteers


If you have a caring heart, a generous spirit, and a desire to use your special talents and leadership skills, please consider joining us.  Our volunteers handle everything: direct the business of the Welfare League organization, manage and staff the Welfare League Thrift Shop, and work on Community Service Programs.

Some of those tasks include….

  • Sort, inspect, and price donations for sale in the retail shop.
  • Receive donations.
  • Greet customers and cashier sales.
  • Research prevailing item prices so we stay one of the “Best Thrift Shops in Sonoma County”.
  • Bring a smile with you and make hats by hand or with the loom.
  • Shop for infant items, assemble Layettes, and deliver these cuties to local hospitals.
  • Help on Community Service programs.
  • Join other members to plan member social activities: potlucks, plays, fashion shows.

Our members pride themselves on staying informed, involved, and in touch with local needs, and welcome all who have similar concerns and a desire to serve others in a congenial and friendly environment.

Come join us and become part of our community service efforts to help children and adults in Sonoma County.




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